Between The Two, Jiufa Machinery Xu Has Made A Big Event!

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 On April 23, 2018, in the first two days of Xuzhou City, with a clear sky, after a tumultuous spring rain, the temperature dropped sharply, and the spring breeze blew, and there was a chill.

In the afternoon, however, the sun broke through the thick dark clouds and sprinkled his endless light and heat on the earth. The sky turned out to be unexpectedly sunny! The sun painted the thick black cloud on Phnom Penh, as if telling people that something important must happen…

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Who is this handsome guy with a smile? What agreement did he reach with Xu Qipeng, chairman of Xuzhou Jiufa Machinery?

Chen Chengzhuang Manager:

What did Xu always focus on? What was he thinking about? What is the little handsome guy excited about?




It turns out that the international station of Jiufa Machinery has been preparing and debugging after more than two months. line! La!

Here is the link to Jiufa Machinery International Station.




        Chairman Xu Qipeng made a number of important instructions to the sales department of the whole machine after the international station went online.

The launch of Jiufa Machinery International Station will surely make more international friends know about Jiufa Machinery, so that the friends who are originally Jiufa Machinery will trust the long-term hair, which will surely make the foreign trade business of Jiufa Machinery icing on the cake!

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