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Main technical parameters of driving status

category project unit parameter


Full length Mm 12600
Full width of the machine Mm 3060
Full height Mm 3695
Wheelbase Mm 3950
Track Mm 2560


Driving state Kg 28980
Axle load Front axle Kg 15615
Rear axle Kg 13365


Engine rated power Kw/(r/min) 169/2500
Maximum engine torque Nm(r/min) 900/1200-1700


Maximum travel speed Km/h 40
Turning radius Minimum turning radius m 5.1
Turntable turn radius m 3.53
Minimum ground clearance Mm 400
Approach angle ° 20
Departure angle ° 20
Braking distance (vehicle speed is 30Km/h) m ≤8.5
Maximum grade % 55
Maximum noise outside the engine during acceleration dB(A) 88


 Lifting operation status main technical parameter table

category project unit parameter
Main performance parameters Maximum rated total lifting capacity t 35
Rated working range m 3
Maximum lifting torque Basic arm KN.m 1120
Longest main arm KN.m
Longest main arm plus jib KN.m
Leg distance Portrait m 6.4
Landscape m 6.5
Lifting height Basic arm m
Longest main arm m 31
Longest main arm + jib m 39
Boom length Basic arm m 10
Longest main arm m 31
Longest main arm + jib m 38.3
Jib mounting angle ° 0,30
Working speed parameter Boom amplitude change time Arm s 75
Falling arm s
Boom extension time Full extension s 80
Full reduction s
Maximum turning speed r/min 2.0
Leg extension time Horizontal leg At the same time s 11
At the same time s
Vertical leg At the same time s 18
At the same time s
Lifting speed single rope (wire rope on the fourth floor) Main hoisting mechanism No load m/min 130
Secondary lifting mechanism No load m/min 130


Crane lifting performance table

1. Main arm lifting performance table


Amplitude (m) Full extension of the legs, 360° full rotation
Basic arm 10 (m) Medium long arm 15.25(m) Medium long arm 20.5(m) Medium long arm 25.75(m) Full extension arm 31(m)
Lifting weight (kg) Lifting weight (kg) Lifting weight (kg) Lifting weight (kg) Lifting weight (kg)
3 35000
3.5 30000 20000
4 28000 20000 16000
4.5 24500 20000 15000 11800
5 21500 19000 14000 11200 8800
5.5 17700 17500 13100 10400 8500
6 15000 15500 12300 9700 8200
6.5 12900 13400 11500 9100 7800
7 11200 11750 10800 8500 7200
8 9300 9530 7600 6400
9 7600 7800 6800 5800
10 6330 6530 6100 5300
11 5350 5550 5500 4900
12 4770 4880 4500
14 3610 3720 3790
16 2780 2890 2960
18 2170 2270 2340
20 1800 1870
twenty two 1425 1490
twenty four 1120 1180
26 925
Magnification 10 8 6 4 4
Hook weight; 280kg


2, tire work lifting performance table 

Amplitude (m) Tire operation 360° full rotation
Basic arm 10 (m) Medium long arm 15.25(m) Medium long arm 20.5(m)
Lifting weight (kg) Lifting weight (kg) Lifting weight (kg)
3 8500
3.5 7600 7200
4 6500 6400 4800
4.5 5800 5300 4600
5 5100 4600 4100
5.5 4500 3900 3700
6 3700 3200 3200
6.5 2800 2500 2700
7 2100 2300
8 1800 1900
9 1400 1600
10 1000 1200
11 860
Magnification 8 6 4
Hook weight: 280kg


On-board driving performance table

Amplitude (m) Front load
Driving speed: ≤2Km/h
Basic arm 10 (m) Medium long arm 15.25(m) Medium long arm 20.5(m)
Lifting weight (kg) Lifting weight (kg) Lifting weight (kg)
3 11000
3.5 11000 8200
4 10200 8200 6000
4.5 9700 8100 6000
5 8500 7400 6000
5.5 7300 6500 5400
6 6300 5800 5100
6.5 5400 5200 4700
7 4700 4300
8 3800 3800
9 3000 3200
10 2500 2800
11 2000 2300
12 1600 2000
13 1200 1700
14 1200
15 1000
16 850
17 700
18 500
Magnification 8 6 4
Hook weight: 280kg


 Jib lifting performance table 

Main arm elevation angle


Full extension of the legs, 360° full rotation
Main arm 31m, jib 7.3m
Auxiliary arm mounting angle (°)
Amplitude (m) Lifting weight (t) Amplitude (m) Lifting weight (t)
80 5.72 3000 10.86 1600
76 7.878 3000 13.34 1600
72 10.45 2800 14.55 1600
70 11.72 2350 15.74 1500
65 14.81 2000 18.63 1350
60 17.78 1500 21.37 1200
55 20.6 1100 23.93 1000
50 23.26 800 26.3 750
45 25.73 600
40 28.00 450
35 30.04 300


★ Description of the lifting weight in the above lifting performance table

1) The value indicated by the rated lifting capacity in the table is the maximum lifting capacity that the crane can guarantee on a flat and solid ground. The starting amount does not exceed 75% of the tipping load;

2) The rated lifting weight in the table includes the weight of the hook and spreader;

3) The working range in the table is the actual value including the deformation amount of the boom, so the lifting work must be carried out based on the working range;

4) 75% of the tipping load considering wind 6, i.e. pressure of 125N / m allows up crane legs still fight when six jobs wind, and prohibits operation of the tire with the carrier tape job.


System structure description


Four-section synchronous telescopic octagonal section boom. The synchronous telescopic system consists of a telescopic cylinder and two sets of thick cables. The section of the telescopic arm is supported by a nylon slider.

Basic arm length     – 10m

Main arm fully extended     – 31m

Main arm fully extended speed – 80s

Pulley diameter     – 300mm

Boom angle – 0 ° ~ 80 °

Boom speed – 10 ° ~ 80 °, 75s

2. jib

One jib, side placed on the right side of the main arm, swinging out, triangular section, truss structure, single head pulley.

Length         – 7.3m

Angle         – 0°, 30°

3. Swing

The planetary reducer driven by the hydraulic axial piston motor realizes continuous 360° full rotation and has a normally closed rotary brake, which can be freely slid or locked by the control button.

Swing speed: 0~2 (r/min)

4. Main hoist

The hydraulic axial piston motor drives the reel to rotate through the planetary reducer for heavy lifting. It is equipped with a normally closed brake and a balancing valve.

Roll diameter × width: 0.37m × 0.449m

Wire rope diameter × length: 14mm × 165m

Single rope tension ( layer 4): 35KN

5. Deputy hoisting

The hydraulic axial piston motor drives the reel to rotate through the planetary reducer for heavy lifting. It is equipped with a normally closed brake and a balancing valve.

Roll diameter × width: 0.37m × 0.449m

Wire rope diameter × length: 14mm × 100m

Single rope tension ( layer 4): 35KN

6. Wire rope

Main coil wire rope   – 14-35(W)×K7-1960

Length         – 165m

Secondary coil wire rope (not rotating) ——14-nat35w×7-1870

Length         – 100m

7. Hook

Main hook       – 30 tons hook (with 5 pulleys and safety pin)

Secondary hook       – 3 ton hook (with safety pin and weight hook)


8. Hydraulic system


The power components are two sets of two gear pumps, 63+50 and 32+10 respectively. The lifting function is powered by 63+50 two pumps; the leg function, steering function, luffing function and telescopic function are powered by 50 pumps according to different working requirements; the rotary function and the braking function are different according to 32 pumps. Work requires power; control is powered by 10 pumps.

Control valve

Under the action of the pilot pressure, each action is controlled by a solenoid valve and a hydraulic valve.


The fuel tank has a capacity of 500 liters, and the fuel tank is equipped with a liquid level gauge, which can be used as the oil level and hydraulic oil temperature.


The self-sealing suction filter outside the box is equipped with a self-sealing valve, a filter pollution transmitter and an oil bypass valve, which improves the reliability of the hydraulic system. It adopts a straight-back self-sealing magnetic oil return filter with permanent magnets, bypass valves and check valves to protect the filter and system from normal operation.

heat sink

The air-cooled unit is a blow-drying structure.

Emergency pump

When the vehicle fails, the emergency pump is used to power the steering system.

9. Cab and internal control


The driving and working functions of the crane can be performed from the cab mounted on the side of the turntable. The overall design of the cab is steel structure, which can be used for one person, sliding doors to enter and exit, and side safety glass windows. The cab is made of gemstone green safety glass and the front windshield is laminated curved glass. Equipped with electric wiper and washer.A mesh protective cover is installed on the outer side of the right sliding window, and a glass top window with a wiper and a safety fence is installed on the top. The integrated display and control console, the bottom plate is equipped with an electronic accelerator pedal, the rotary brake pedal, the seat can be adjusted up and down, the seat is on both sides of the hydraulic pilot handle armrest box.The cab is equipped with air conditioning.

Engine start /stop, display, gear selector switch, parking brake switch, steering mode selector switch, pilot switch, boom telescopic selector switch, main (sub) winch selector switch, control panel, outrigger work selector switch, Free slip (lock) switch. Torque converter oil temperature, engine water temperature, brake pressure, fuel tank liquid level display, speedometer, odometer, tachometer, engine fault diagnosis, reversing alarm, low oil pressure / high water temperature alarm, force limiter over limit alarm Device (visible). Arm warning light, rotary warning light, safety image monitoring system.

Crane human-computer interaction parameters

The vehicle uses a fully automatic torque limiter

l  Controller port status display function

l  boom position display

l  swivel angle

l  main arm angle, main arm length, jib mounting angle, jib length, lifting range, rated lifting capacity, actual lifting weight, lifting height

l The  ratio of actual bearing torque to rated bearing torque is displayed

l  Allowable bearers

l  Automatic deceleration device and slow stop function when turning

l  Force limiter control forced unlock switch

l  Lifting amplitude, main arm angle, arm front height, and swing range pre-control function

l  Torque over-limit three-color warning light

l  hoisting status and driving status switching display

The display and controller automatically match the hoisting status to the Rated Lifting Performance Chart.

The gear selector switch and light control switch are integrated on the left side of the steering wheel. The front console includes: light switch designed for customers, front window and top window wiper switch, outrigger operation switch, jib status switch, air conditioning control switch, luffing/retractable switch, telescopic cylinder switch, engine diagnostic switch , work status indicator.


Note: The speed of movement of each crane is based on no-load conditions.


10. Chassis

Rear engine, left drive, drive form: 4*4

11. Frame

High-strength steel, all-welded single-box structure

12. Axle

Front axle: steering axle, planetary reduction mechanism, differential lock between wheels

Rear axle: steering axle, planetary reduction mechanism, differential lock between wheels

13. Turning

3 kinds of steering modes: front wheel steering, 4 wheel steering, crab line

14. Engine

Model: ISDe230 30

Rated power: 169Kw/2500rpm

Maximum torque: 900Nm/1400rpm

Type: four stroke, water cooling, direct injection, supercharged

Number of cylinders: 6 cylinders

Bore and stroke: 107*124

Displacement: 6.7L

Fuel tank: 315L, left side of the chassis

Radiator: plate-fin

Fan: blower, 10 pieces, diameter 700

Battery capacity: 2-180Ah

Coolant: 35L

Lubricating oil: 12L

15. Gearbox

Power shift gearbox

Gear position: the first four after three

Driving speed: 40Km/h

Climb: 55%

16. Suspension system

Front axle: rigid connection;

Rear axle: swing frame

17. Brake system

Service brake: hydraulic disc brake

Parking brake: spring brake hydraulic release

18. Tires

Model: 20.5R25;

Air pressure: 690KPa

19. Legs

Consists of four horizontal and vertical cylinders

Each leg can be independently controlled in the cab

The vehicle has a lateral span of 6.5 meters and a longitudinal span of 6.4 meters.



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